Today I am sharing an incredible conversation I had with Cecily Braden about all things Gua Sha.

Cecily is the Founder of CJB Beauty Secrets and a recognized leader in the wellness industry who has been educating spa professionals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe since 1994.

CJB Beauty Secrets was started because of her passion for Southeast Asia and desire to offer unique products and services that maintain the traditional techniques and philosophies of international cultures.

Cecily was selected as American Spa’s 2020 Women in Wellness Awards “Educator and Trainer of the Year” and recognized by Dermascope Magazine’s “The A-List” for excellence in the industry, which was a career milestone.

Cecily’s down to earth approach to learning helps students easily interpret complex theory and master a vast range of techniques, enabling them to excel in the treatment room and provide fundamentally positive shifts in the health of their clients’ skin and body.

Cecily’s goal is to inspire and guide wellness professionals how to mindfully take their treatments to the next level and achieve long-term results by working with the natural function(s) of the skin.

Her training efforts focus on the whole of the treatment, which embrace the technical as well as the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects for both the therapist and guest, creating a deeper connection for increased health and wellness benefits. She believes the spa experience should be equal to the results.

Tune in today to learn more on Cecily’s fate of her career and how she found her way into Gua Sha. She shares with us her travels, her mentor and the difference between the body and facial techniques.

Cecily also shares her love for the Asian and Indonesian cultures and how that plays a big part in the treatments, mindfulness and spirit of the countries using Gua Sha.

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