I have always been fascinated by the law of attraction. Today I am so excited to share the incredible conversation I had with Anna Garcia for my new Inner Beauty Series.

Anna is a Law of Attraction Coach, based in Sydney Australia and she has been coaching people around the world since 2011.

She helps people align their thoughts with their desires, removing contradictory blocks so they can manifest a fulfilling life and have more joy and fun in the journey.

Anna also connects people back to their infinite power within by teaching a process of self-love.

She became interested in Universal laws when she was put into remission her illness Lupus using mind processes.

Today we touch on so many key factors and components of the law of attraction you will really appreciate.

How Anna became a Law of Attraction Coach, missionaries, ran away, sickness, healing through imagination, and how to become a law of attraction coach.

How do we begin to believe in ourselves, understand the higher self, the two opinions, we are not what we own, what others think of us, our achievements, we are infinite intelligence, the process of self-love through self-talk, and connecting back to our higher self.

Overcoming fear and letting go of ego, symptoms of disconnection, opening the channel, and replacing the old model.
Squashing the nasty voice in our head, how to start the kinder dialogue, thanks for sharing, and repetition in the subconscious.

How does the law of attraction work, law of like attracts like. Thoughts that create feelings, sending signals, and attracts more experiences to continue the feeling.
Do vision boards really work? Anna believes, yes. They are a great way to focus on what we want vs what we don’t want. Giving ourselves permission to depart from desire vs reality.

We also discuss how we have to choose our power, our natural emotion guidance system, imagination and how our thoughts can actually affect how we age.

If you are into visualization, energy, mindset and the powers that be, you will really appreciate today’s show.

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Be sure to contact Anna via her website for a free 30-minute online coaching session. You may also download her free handbook on The 5 Fundamental Mistakes in Manifesting and How to Fix Them.