As early as I can remember I have been fascinated by hair and makeup styles.  It was 1971, I must have been about 3, I remember begging my mom to put makeup on me and let me wear one of her falls and for her to take a picture of course.

That picture of my 3 years old self all made up with a big smile on my face really encapsulated my true spirit. As I grew up, I knew I wanted to do something to help others but my love of glam never wavered. It is with these two convictions I was destined to work in the beauty industry.

It is no mistake that I found myself working first as a makeup artist, then as an esthetician. I really loved helping others feel better about themselves, it is so fulfilling. I have loved all the time I have spent in beauty, although, I never really thought much about the messaging and what it really meant as I was promoting “anti-aging treatments”. I think when you are young, aging seems so far away, and you don’t stop to think about it.

I am now in my 50s, and I woke up to my industry’s message to me is that I must maintain a youthful look and looking older is not really an option.  Most beauty brands do not feature or speak to women in my age group. Older women are not the faces of beauty campaigns. We are told that over a certain age we should change our makeup, and fashion. I have read countless articles stating what is acceptable for women of a “certain age” to wear and not to wear.

This began to piss me off. In late 2021, I also decided to ditch the dye and allow my natural grey and white hair grow out. As I documented my journey on social media, I received much support but also a lot of negative comments, mainly from other women. This got me really thinking about the brainwashing that has happened to all of us. Why is youth the goal?  I decided to dedicate this podcast to having real conversations about the fabulous 50s and beyond and address the ageism that exists for women in our society.

The Beauty Debut Podcast is a podcast about looking and feeling your best, 50 and beyond.

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