Today I am sharing a conversation I had with Rebekah Jasso Jensen for the Latinas in the Beauty Industry Series. Rebekah is the founder of Sanara. A plant-based skincare line celebrating indigenous Latin American botanicals. Rebekah lived with Psoriasis since her teens and it wasn’t until her 30’s that she began to understand the impact of the products she was putting onto her skin.

Rebekah began DIYing her own skincare in her kitchen and eventually sold all her dining room furniture so she could turn it into her test lab. It was through this skin self-discovery that she felt a pull from her ancestors to begin researching ingredients that her Latin American ancestors have been using for centuries.

This was when she turned her passion for plant-based skincare and turned it into her mission, sharing the beautiful healing botanicals indigenous to Latin America. It was years of seeing results and sharing what she was doing that she created Sanara.

Sanara comes from the Spanish word, sanará which mean, “you will heal”. Rebekah’s wish is to not only help bring healing to those with skin conditions or sensitive skin but to share the beauty of Latin America.

Tune in to learn more on Rebekah’s personal story that led into a beautiful business journey. We chat about her products, the incredible ingredients as well as the multiple sizes that would be perfect for any retail location.

We even get a sneak peek on her latest launches you simply will not want to miss.

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