Today I am sharing a conversation I had with Lydia Jordane, Founder of Lycon Wax.

Lydia developed hair removal wax for her personal use in the late 60’s. To follow, she then developed her own waxing techniques, at which time she had no idea that her waxing experiments on the family kitchen stove, would one day become sought after products and a global business.

Tune in to hear Lydia chat about the time after her initial waxing experiments, she became a beauty therapist, armed with her special wax. As clients flowed in through the doors, inquiries rang in from other salons wanting to know what her secret wax was about.

Lydia shares how in 1978, she sold a couple of kilos of the legendary LYCON Apricot Hot Wax. And now the LYCON range consists of many different waxes and skincare products which are distributed throughout Australia and as at June 2014 are exported to 64 countries.

The LYCON waxing range consists of many wax choices and waxing methods: strip wax, hot wax, the unique Lycojet, LYCOtec and LYCOdream waxes with soothing aromatherapy oils, which make LYCON wax suitable for the most delicate and sensitive skins on any part of the body and face.

In addition, Lycon manufactures many technologically advanced and results orientated skincare products for professional use and home care.

Lycon is recognized as the creme de la creme waxing range in the world, used by the top salons and spas, with a long list of celebrity following.

Tune in to hear how Lydia and her team provide training with their special LYCON WAXING SYSTEM to the spa and salon industry in Australia and in all the countries we export to, with the view of spreading the love of LYCON.

More importantly to assist salons and spas in upgrading their skills, so that more salons as well as our amazing network of distributors around the globe can grow a sustainable business for themselves with LYCON.

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