Char Fontanills is the Founder of Confidence by Char, the brand behind every beautiful body.

Char has over 30 years in the beauty industry and over 20 years in the financial markets.

She is an author, world class speaker, avid investor and innovator of products, services and events that inspire confidence of the mind and body.

Char is the creator of the Bodicurrent ™ protocol using proprietary Microcurrent frequencies to amplify cellular health, performance and body beautification through the increased production of ATP, circulation and detoxification programs.

In 2015 she took bold steps to build a company that is committed to bringing breakthrough technology and luxury products to the wellness community.   She is known for her “Dare To Be Seen” campaign encouraging women to treat their bodies as the masterpiece that it is and to never shy from standing out.

In 2019 she expanded her influence by launching her luxury “i am” supplement line featuring exceptional ingredients and powerful affirmations on every bottle.

Char’s passion for “body hacks” led her to become a Certified Bulletproof Coach with the Human Potential Institute.  She is also a certified RTT Rapid Transformation Therapy Practitioner under the world-renowned Marissa Peer.   Char specializes in guiding groups through visualization and mediation techniques to uncover limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful commands that shift the mindset to have audacious confidence.

Confidence Retreats and intimate summits around the world set the stage for transformation at every level. To have Char speak at your next event or to find out more about any of the Confidence products or services, visit the website link below!

Tune in today to hear us touch on how Char’s tragic accident helped her to discover the power of frequency.

We also talk about the importance of self-love and how your body responds to your thoughts.

Your mind is powerful, and your thoughts should be as well. Today we’re chatting about Char’s products, the market they are most commonly found in and how you may have access to them.

We also have a special promo code for you to start receiving some of Char’s line so be sure to visit the promo link below in notes.

All this and more on today’s educational show. Grab a notebook because this one is good.

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