Richard Merrill is a 15+ year beauty industry expert, award winning licensed esthetician in CA and WA with a variety of real-world experience and multiple six-figure success stories.

Richard built his career specializing in skin care; however, these principles can be applied to every aspect of the beauty industry from Skincare to Lashes, Waxing and Haircare.

Richard launched The Complete Spa Business Regimen an online business growth accelerator and community built around the principles and tools to create successful spa industry leaders.

As an award winning, creative, out of the box thinker and business leader from a diverse background, it was Richard’s vision to create a solution for automating sales and marketing strategies to simplify operations. Too many spa professionals lacked a focused strategy, clear message or the time to execute consistent business practices.

Passionate and productive professionals are falling short of their goal’s month after month. Richard Merrill decided to do something about it. That something is The Complete Spa Business Regimen, a business growth accelerator designed with lifetime education, on-going support and a full suite of marketing solutions for the spa industry.

Richard feels that the most engaged brands don’t just provide a product or a service; they evoke an emotion within their community built around a brand identity with a strong mission and vision. They don’t just embody a single persona; they motivate the entire community. As times change, these brands adhere to a deeper purpose at the core of their identity and keep producing the products, services, and stories that embody their long term vision.

More than just a fitting logo or a memorable tagline, the brands created here are entire client experiences. Every day, after bonding to understand what each unique brand needs our team works together to formulate a unique brand identity with winning sales and marketing strategies and assist you in communicating your message effectively to the world.

Tune in today to hear how Richard got his start in the industry, his journey that led him to opening his own business, why he looked at his schooling as a business and ran with it and how his mindset plays a role in starting each day new.

We’re also getting into the difference between direct sales and MLM companies within the beauty industry. I mean this explanation is on point and I think a lot of beauty industry vets should really hear.

Richard also shares the common mistakes professionals make, why working with male clients is so different and why you must always put in the work.

All this and more on today’s educational show. Grab a notebook because this one is good.

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