Tracy Vandenbroeke is the Executive Vice President of The SaltFacial® and Med-Aesthetic Solutions, Inc. Her passion for selling began early, working in retail sales of clothing and skincare while in school. After college she entered the specialized medical and surgical equipment market. Her career evolved entirely when in 1994 she heard of a new company that manufactured a pioneering alternative therapy to treat wrinkles and beautify the skin using a CO2 laser…beauty and a big-ticket sale? Now she was hooked.

Tracy’s 26-year history in the medical aesthetic field includes being a top sales producer for some of the most prominent laser equipment companies, providing innovative, premium laser, IPL, alternative and medical aesthetic equipment to elite physicians and medical spas. Her experience also includes starting and operating her own medical spa, giving her a completely unique and empathetic ‘buyer’s perspective’.

Through her years, Tracy’s experience and knowledge has earned her the respect of clients and colleagues throughout the medical-aesthetics industry. Tracy has led the charge for supporting the growth and success of women in the medical aesthetics industry. She believes women have a unique advantage in this field and as a corporate leader, enjoys supporting young woman wishing to learn the business.

The SaltFacial is an exciting, new, and non-invasive way to correct and maintain the natural beauty of skin. This 3-step treatment can safely and effectively improve and maintain the texture, tone and color of skin for life, making it the perfect cornerstone treatment for good dermal health in your medispa and medical practice.

Blending nature with science, The SaltFacial® L’avantage system combines the beauty of pure, natural Sea Salt with cutting-edge science – aesthetic Ultrasound and high-powered LED phototherapy, to deliver a treatment unlike any other. And besides being just beautiful, healthy skin heals faster and responds better to any surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedure that may follow.

In addition, The SaltFacial is a highly versatile medical device that can be used daily in your practice in a multitude of ways. It can, and should, be used in combination with other aesthetic procedures to improve the outcomes of these treatments and generate higher procedural revenue.

The SaltFacial® Skin Renewal Therapy Treatment

Step 1: Restore | Sea Salt Resurfacing

A safe and effective resurfacing option for ALL skin types.

Step 2: Replenish | Cavitation Ultrasound

Increase the absorption of topical products.

Step 3: Rejuvenate LED Phototherapy

Promote Healing | Reduce Redness | Improve Outcomes

Combination Therapy for Improved Outcomes

As a Pre-Treatment Skin Prep: Sea Salt is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, it draws moisture in, balances the skin’s pH, reduces inflammation, and helps promote healing.

As an Adjunct-Treatment To Enhance Other Procedures:  Combine with other procedures such as microneedling, RF, light-based therapies, PRP, exosome therapy, and/or topical therapies to promote faster healing, reduce downtime, and improve outcomes.

For Post-Treatment Healing:  Use to quickly and effectively reduce redness and swelling, eliminate and prevent bacterial infection, and promote faster healing.

All this and more on today’s show…

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