Nicole Tracy doesn’t have to worry about acne anymore. Although the co-founder of La Bella Donna Cosmetics currently spends more time behind a desk running a national cosmetics company than in front of a camera, she and her mother, Kathy, remain La Bella Donna’s best advertisements.

“Between my mother – who had her own problems with makeup – and me, we had drawers full of makeup we couldn’t wear because of all the FD&C dyes, oil or alcohol, talc, fragrance and preservatives,” says Nicole, who joined forces with Kathy in 1994 to develop a makeup formula that worked for both of them.

“We especially wanted to bridge the gap between wellness and beauty; we didn’t set out to create a ‘natural’ makeup, because those don’t necessarily give you the coverage you need in shades close to your own skin tone,” she explains.

A savvy businesswoman, Nicole, who grew up in Los Angeles, relocated to her native New York in 1998 to establish an East Coast presence for La Bella Donna. She developed the line while completing her studies at the University of Southern California, from which she received a B.S. degree in Communications and Business.

Nicole currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband and two children.

Tune in today to hear why makeup is a true mood lifter, the reasoning why La Bella Donna has the cleanest ingredients used to create their products, what they are and the SPF amount in their best sellers.

Nicole also shares with us why doing your research as a business owner is so important as well as the key factor in running a business. Passion all the way…

Anyone has the capability to turn their dream into a reality. It is up to you to share the story, connect with your customer and most importantly go with your gut.

All this and more on today’s show…

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