As a proud owner of BLUR Beauty and a creative force behind the brand, Krista Joiner is #1 in the beauty industry and has had quite a phenomenally successful career path.

Entrepreneurial at heart and in actions, Krista is a founder of the Los Angeles based (soon to launch) skincare brand Green Violet Beauty, where she creatively established the products and brand as a pioneer.

Her dynamic vision and 23 plus years of experience in the beauty industry, has helped skyrocket her brands from startups to multimillion-dollar brands in a short time.

As a licensed esthetician, and a previous VP of Sales for $100 million dollar corporations, her expertise is unsurpassed. It’s rare to have such experience in innovation and as a founder in the skincare industry, as this is what sets Green Violet Beauty apart from the rest.  Krista is a true beauty industry leader.

Krista has created products for beauty industry giants and researched the most unique ingredients in the world to create the finest in luxury skincare products. Her journey first began with the Donna Karan Beauty Company, Estee Lauder Brands and working for retail giants in the beauty industry.

She built companies to multi-million’s in sales and ran every aspect of her previous company from developing the products, to marketing, and executing sales through multi-channel distribution. Krista is a true beauty expert and understands the needs and expectations of clients who use and want luxurious skincare that provides a real result.

A California native, living in Los Angeles since birth, Krista is a wife to a well- known actor/artist, mother, and beauty industry expert that’s focus is to change the beauty industry by using her expertise to bring the most innovative products to the market, products that actually work. She loves being active, and believes working out, taking care of your skin and eating well, is a lifestyle everyone should adopt. “My goal on this earth is to make the best beauty products in the market, Green Violet Beauty is that brand’.

Tune in today to hear the incredible conversation Krista and I had on all thing’s beauty (inside and out), skincare, sales, management, leadership, how she worked her way to the top and how she believes the industry is changing.

Krista talks about going to college for psychology and then graduating while finishing up esthetics school shortly after.

We get into the skill of interviewing, why you need to be disciplined as well as have the best mindset for sales and some “crazy” beauty industry stories from the past.

Loving what you do is they key factor to doing well in your career and if you listen to this episode you will hear some excellent tips to get you to that top sales performer level on your team.

Krista also shares how she feels that the beauty industry has changed from ingredient innovation to marketing innovation and how social media has impacted that.

Personal sales goals (why you should have them), favorite skincare products, clean beauty, and routine. We are getting into it all today…

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